See the Vorta DX4 in action

Power Systems Pty Ltd (VPSPL)  is a West Australian
      company that has been in operation since October 1980 .

       Over this time VPSPL has specialized in and carried out
       extensive research and development projects for small marine

       This has led to VPSPL successfully creating unique,  electric
       marine motors and small marine craft.

       Now available for sale comes the long awaited

       ' Vortaź DX4'  with 2000 watts of power and run time of
       25 hours on one charge of the Vorta Battery.
' Vortaź DX3' is no longer available.)

Vortaź Power Systems emphasis is on protecting the natural
       ecosystems of the worlds waterways.

      Quality and reliable service are of the utmost importance to the
       Vortaź Power Systems team.
      Quality management systems have been adopted as part of our

       manufacturing and customer service process. 

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